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Vegetable Pakoras

About Us

Located in the heart of Danforth Village, Toronto, ADDA delivers authentic Bangladeshi cuisine with unparalleled services and consistent quality with a contemporary twist. To ADDA means “to hang out” - an essential part of Bengali culture that ties generations together through intimate conversation with friends and family. And wherever there is ADDA, there is food. If one thing is for sure, it’s that Bengali’s are foodies. Growing up, our most cherished memories are woven with loud, excited voices chattering over each other while the smell of fried snacks and chai lingers in the air. Food is the heart of Bengali culture, and at ADDA we want to highlight our community and raise the bar for foodies in Toronto.


ADDA would be nothing without Urmee Ahmed, who has been in the hospitality industry since 1994. After running several successful food businesses in both the United States and Canada, she finally decided to open her own Bangladeshi restaurant to celebrate her origins and showcase her community. She loves to entertain, and will go to the moon to make you feel special.


Urmee keeps it authentic and traditional, drawing inspiration from her mother’s kitchen and displaying them with a modern aesthetic.

Urmee currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband Mohamed Rashid and their daughter Awnonna. She enjoys watching movies, the cooking channel and traveling.

Spiced Skewers
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